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TS4990_08 1.2 W audio power amplifier with active low standby mode
TS4994FC 1.2 W differential input/output audio power amplifier with selectable standby
TS4995 1.2 W fully differential audio power amplifier with selectable standby and 6 dB fixed gain
TS472_06 Very low noise microphone preamplifier with 2.0V bias output and active low standby mode
TS4972_04 1.2W Audio Power Amplifier with Standby Mode Active High
TDA7265B 30 W + 30 W stereo amplifier with mute and standby
TDA7292 40 W + 40 W stereo amplifier with mute and standby
TDA7293_10 120-volt, 100-watt, DMOS audio amplifier with mute and standby
STEVAL-CBP006V1 UniPower front panel and standby power management controller for STB, TV sets and other consumer devices
STIH205 Advanced HD AVC processor with integrated low power standby controller

Sanken electric
STR-W6200D Power IC for PWM Type Switching Power Supply with Low Noise and Low Standby Power
STR-Y6700 Power IC for Quasi-Resonant Mode Switching Power Supplies with Low Standby Power

ATMEL Corporation
ATA6831_10 Very Low Quiescent Current IVS < 5 μA in Standby Mode over Total Temperature Range

Micrel Semiconductor
MIC2285A 8MHz PWM Synchronous Buck Regulator with LDO Standby Mode
MIC3385_10 8MHz Inductorless Buck Regulator with LDO Standby Mode

Fairchild Semiconductor
FAN302HLMY PWM Controller for Low Standby Power Battery- Charger ApplicationsmWSaver™ Technology

Hi-Sincerity Mocroelect...
H960 LCD standby power

ON Semiconductor
NCP1203_10 PWM Current--Mode Controller for Universal Off--Line Supplies Featuring Standby and Short Circuit Protection
NCP1271 Soft-Skip Mode Standby PWM Controller with Adjustable Skip Level and External Latch
NCP1605_12 Enhanced, High Voltage and Efficient Standby Mode Power Factor Controller

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