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Integrated Silicon Solu...
IS43R16320E Auto Refresh and Self Refresh Modes

Freescale Semiconductor...
MC68HC11E0CFNE2 M68HC11 CPU, Power-saving stop and wait modes, Low-voltage devices available (3.0–5.5 Vdc)

Fairchild Semiconductor
AN-9067 Analysis of MOSFET Failure Modes in LLC Resonant Converter
DS379-1 audio transceiver with auto-connect modes and command interface

Integrated Silicon Solu...
IS43R16800E Auto Refresh and Self Refresh Modes

Omron Electronics LLC
H3YN-2-DC24 Miniature Timer with Multiple Time Ranges and Multiple Operating Modes

Intersil Corporation
ISL29027 Proximity Sensor with Intelligent Interrupt and Sleep Modes

TI store
LMP8350_15 LMP8350 Ultra-Low Distortion Fully-Differential Precision ADC Driver With Selectable Power Modes
LM4765 LM4765 Overture™ Audio Power Amplifier Series Dual 30W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute and Standby Modes
TPS25942A 5A eFuse Power MUX with Multiple Protection Modes

NXP Semiconductors
PN7120 NFC controller with integrated firmware, supporting all NFC Forum modes

TI store
THS7347_15 3-Channel RGBHV Video Buffer with I2C Control, 2:1 Input Mux, Monitor Pass-Through, and Selectable Input Bias Modes

ATMEL Corporation
AVR4013 Sleep modes PRR registers Oscillator calibration USART

List of Unclassifed Man...
MA8605 Automatic re-enumeration for switching between self-powered and bus-powered modes

Monolithic Power System...
MP5030C USB Charging Port Controller with Current Limit Switch, Supporting CDP, DCP, and QC3.0 Modes

TI store
THS7353_15 3-Channel Low Power Video Buffer with I2C Control, Selectable Filters, External Gain Control, 2:1 Input MUX, and Selectable Input Modes

TriQuint Semiconductor
TQM776011_15 Excellent Linearity in all modes

Renesas Technology Corp
EL4544 Triple 16x5 Differential Crosspoint Switch Capable of Operation in Single-Ended or Differential Input Modes

Fangtek Ltd.
FT2128 3.4W Class-D Audio Power Amplifier with Dual Modes of Automatic Level Control

Intersil Corporation
EL4544_0712 Triple 16x5 Differential Crosspoint Switch Capable of Operation in Single-Ended or Differential Input Modes

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