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2701040 I/O extension module for use with Nanoline base unit. Equipped with 2 analog input (0...10 V DC, -10...+10 V DC, 0/4...20 mA) and 2 analog output (0...10 V DC, 0/4...20 mA) channels. A maximum of three I/O extension modules can be attached to a base unit.

Assmann Electronics Inc...
AK322-2-R VGA Moniter Extension Cable - 2 Meters

Tripp Lite. All Rights ...
P222-050 PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse Extension Cable (Mini-DIN6 M/F), 50-ft.

UM0592 This document explains the use of the HDD extension demonstration board

Tripp Lite. All Rights ...
P510010 VGA Monitor Extension Cable, 640x480 (HD15 M/F),10-ft
P036-002-20RA C19 to Right-Angle C20 Heavy-Duty Extension Cord - 20A, 250V, 12 AWG, 2 ft., Black
P004-006-2C13 Computer Power Extension Cord Y Splitter Cable, 10A, 18AWG (IEC-320-C14 to 2x IEC-320-C13), 6-ft
P500006 VGA Coax Monitor Extension Cable, High Resolution Cable with RGB Coax (HD15 M-F), 6-ft
P500-050 VGA Coax High-Resolution Monitor Extension Cable with RGB Coax (HD15 M/F), 2048 x 1536 (1080p), 50 ft.
P047004 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord, 15A, 14AWG (IEC-320-C19 to IEC-320-C14), 4-ft.

General Cable Technolog...
02332.70.01 Pro Flex® Rubber Extension Cords 3-Conductor Grounded . Type SJ . 60˚C . 300 Volts

2707767 Available in overall widths from 12.5 mm to 90 mm, modular extension is possible

Tripp Lite. All Rights ...
P222050 PS-2 Keyboard or Mouse Extension Cable (Mini-DIN6 M-F), 50-ft

Panasonic Semiconductor
HL2-HP-DC24V-F HL Series Line Extension Compact, High Capacity Power Relay

Tripp Lite. All Rights ...
P004-002-13LA C14 to Left-Angle C13 Computer Power Extension Cord, PDU Style - 10A, 100–250V, 18 AWG, 2 ft., Black
P0040062C13 Y Splitter Computer Power Extension Cord, 10A,18AWG (IEC-320-C14 to 2x IEC-320-C13)
P004-002-13RA Standard Computer Power Extension Cord, 10A, 18AWG
P005-010 Heavy-Duty C13 to C14 PDU-Style Power Extension Cable - 15A, 100–250V, 14 AWG, 10 ft., Black
P00500614LA Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord, 15A, 14AWG (Left Angle IEC-320-C14 to IEC-320-C13, 6-ft

Assmann Electronics Inc...
AK3750-10-R Premium VGA Monitor extension cable

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